Nicole Hardy


Some interesting facts

Welcome to a page that reflects a journey filled with moments of joy, triumph, and fulfillment. As an author, educator, and essay writing consultant, I have had the honor of impacting numerous lives through my writing and teachings. My awards and accolades are important milestones, but the true reward lies in the progress and success of my students, and in the positive feedback I receive from them. Here’s a glimpse into the milestones of my journey, my teaching experiences, and the influence my work has had on students.

My Awards

My journey has been marked by several recognitions. Here are seven awards that hold a special place in my heart:


National Association of Scholars (NAS) Excellence in Educational Writing Award: For my debut book “The Art of the Essay,” an affirmation of the potential impact of a well-crafted educational guide.


American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) Lifetime Achievement Award: A recognition of my extensive work and contribution to the field of educational writing.


American Psychological Association (APA) Distinguished Contribution to Psychology in Education Award: For my book “Unlocking the Student Mind,” a validation of my holistic approach to student psychology.


American Educational Publishers (AEP) Distinguished Achievement Award: For my book “Mastering Argumentative Essays,” recognizing the detailed approach in explaining the nuances of argumentative essays.


American Educational Research Association (AERA) Outstanding Book Award: For “The Academic Wordsmith,” a guide to academic writing and its intricacies.


TESOL Teacher of the Year Award: For my contributions as an educator in teaching English and essay writing.


National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English: For my research on “The Role of Cognitive Processes in Effective Essay Writing.”

My Teaching Impact

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching hundreds of students, helping them navigate the complexities of essay writing. Each student’s journey has enriched my own, their victories becoming my moments of joy. Whether in group settings or personalized one-on-one sessions, teaching has been a profoundly rewarding part of my career. My personalized essay writing services have proven particularly impactful. Through these sessions, I provide individualized attention, addressing specific challenges and fostering improvements tailored to each student’s unique needs. These services have not only improved students’ writing skills but have also built their confidence, equipping them to tackle any writing challenge that comes their way.

Testimonials from Students

The most gratifying recognition comes from the transformation and success of my students. Here’s what some of them have to say:

"Nicole's teachings revolutionized my approach to essay writing. I went from struggling with structure and arguments to writing with clarity and confidence."
Nicole Hardy
"Nicole's one-on-one sessions are worth every penny. Her constructive feedback and personalized tips helped me improve my writing skills significantly."
Nicole Hardy
"Nicole’s teachings go beyond essay writing. She has taught me to express myself better, to think critically, and to construct coherent arguments."
Nicole Hardy
"The lessons I learned from Nicole's book 'Mastering Argumentative Essays' were instrumental in acing my English papers. Highly recommend!"
Nicole Hardy

"The true victory of essay writing isn't in fulfilling a word count, but in leaving a reader with a new thought or perspective." - From "Mastering Argumentative Essays"


Each award, each student’s success, each word of appreciation serves as a reminder of the journey I have undertaken, and they fuel me to keep contributing to the realm of education and literature. Here’s to many more milestones and transformations in the future!

Nicole Hardy